HARRISON Juvenile – Hand Feeding – All Bird – 454g

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For hand-feeding psittacine chicks until weaning.
For chicks following feeding of Neonate Formula for selected parrots.
For birds recovering from illness or injuries and birds that are losing weight during a diet conversion.
May be used in pet birds of all ages.

Feeding Descriptions

Caution: The correct feeding technique must be used in order to prevent injury to the bird or inhalation of the formula that could result in pneumonia or death.


From day 1 for pionus, African greys, Amazons, cockatoos, conures and macaws.
From day 7 for other parrots.
From day 21 for cockatiels.
Step 1: Gently feel the crop to determine that it is almost empty before feeding.

Step 2: Mix fresh: Juvenile Hand-Feeding Formula and bottled “drinking water” heated to approximately 103°F (39°C). Follow proportion of formula to water as directed by your avian veterinarian for the age of your bird. Do not microwave. Allow to cool to lukewarm. Chicks with their eyes opened should be fed 3-4 times daily, and birds with feathers emerging, 2-3 times daily.

Step 3: Feeding with an irrigation syringe is probably the most universally successful technique. As one faces the bird, position the syringe to enter the oral cavity from the left side of the bird’s beak and direct it toward the right side of the bird’s neck. Deposit the food into the bird’s mouth and, as it swallows, the normal feeding response closes off the trachea and prevents aspiration of the formula into the lungs.

Step 4: Feed the bird until the crop is full but not overstuffed, and clean the excess formula from the bird’s beak, feathers and enclosure.

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